Wannamal Sporting Clays(inc) 

 A Member Club of WA Field & Game Asociation (inc)


Our Association started life in 1958 under the banner of the “Field & Game Federation of Australia Inc” to service the needs of the ever-expanding numbers of sportsmen & women who dedicated their time to the various forms of Sporting Clays. In November 2015 the Association went through a restructure & was formed into the “Sporting Clays Australia Assoc” (SCA).

In our early days membership was soon established with the International body known as “Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse” (‘FITASC’), the worldwide body offering the disciplines – Parcours de Chasse (FITASC Sporting) – Compak – Helice (ZZ) & Universal Trench.

We offer many pathways for our members in Australia. From the elite level representing their country on the International stage, down through to National, State, Club competitions, or a more informal afternoon of recreation with family & friends at the local club.

The variation of clay target presentation is only limited by the imagination of the target setter, Whether it is a Standard 120mm, Midi 90mm, Mini 60mm, Battue or a Rabbit clay, if we can make a clay target fly, it is considered fair game to be shot. It is this variation makes Sporting Clays the entertaining sport designed for all the family.

Why not take the time out to visit one of our many Clubs around Australia & experience a great sport first hand.